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Moving Menu Accent onScroll

Hiding the scrollbar can feel good from a design standpoint BUT signaling to a visitor where they are on a page critical UX--especially in the world of the now classic single page long scrolls.

This listens to the window's 'onscroll' event and based on a few simple JS measurements, sets the span accent's 'height' and 'right' styles.

The smoothness comes from a CSS transition!

This is a fun effect I've seen before but picked up at over at http://www.fullslate.com/

The (awesome) SVG illustration was borrowed from the awesome team over at https://undraw.co/

Didn't take the time to make mobile friendly so anything under ~764px looks screwy. No one uses the internet on their phones, right?

Hopefully, the hipness of my CSS-Gradients allow you to forgive me 😇